What is marking machine?

Marking machine is a device which can create the permanent marks (such as logo,name,serial number, bar code..) on your products, normally for the tracking, branding purpose.

core products

Usually there are three kinds of marking machine :

Laser marking machine: this equipment working on various products surface by the laser beam, evaporate your parts’ surface and expose the deeper material, which creates the beautiful patterns, logo, text etc…

Marking process

Usually there are three series of laser marking equipment :

high power fiber laser

  • Best solution for permanent and high accuracy marks
  • High speed marking ,improve your working efficiency
  • Perfect marking performance, help branding your products
  • Suitable for various application, create your own identify solutions
Dot peen marking machine: all the pin marks (text, number,Logo,qr code etc) is made of a serial of dot points, make the pin high impact on your products by pneumatic power. It can adjust X axis Y axis movement and marking speed, high frequency marking can show line marking performance.

benchtop dot peen marker   KT-PH01

peen marking  hand held marking


  • Help you create high depth mark,the mark is permanent and not easy to cover.
  • Help you build the clear and high precision marks.
  • Good solution for the Nameplate, Label,Automative parts marking.
  • Low consumption, help you build the perfect mark with low cost.


Electrolyte marking machine: This machine is based on the electrochemical etching processes. Make stencil module with Text or graphic, then stamp on your products surface with the electric voltage.

KT-DH02marking process

  • Similar marking performance as laser marking
  • Especially good for logo and company name marking
  • Low consumption and low cost

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