Optional portable dot peen marker accessories

  • Electromagnetic basement

  • Frame  window

  • V basemen

  • Hand held handle or Gun handle

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Electromagnetic basement

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These accessories improve the marking efficiency and performance of the Hand Held Dot Peen Marker by a large margin. They can easily be combined together in a way that meets your requirements.

Frame base window

Frame Base Window helps hold the portable marking head exactly on the marking area set by you. The lack of movement makes it convenient and easy to create a more accurate marking.

frame window

Electromagnetic basement

Each Electromagnetic Basement set comes with – 4 magnetic base parts

The strong magnetic attraction helps fasten the machine firmly on your products

Electromagnetic basement

V basement

 V Basement offers extremely good support if you need to mark large tubes or pipes.

This support can be customized based on your need.


V basement

Hand held handle or Gun handle

A Gun Handle on small marking heads increases flexibility.
A Hand Held Handle is meant for use with big marking heads to make operation easy.
We are here to create the combinations you choose. Just tell us what needs to be done.

Gun handlehand held handle