Pneumatic Engraving Marking Machine

  • The rotary fixture enables excellent circle surface marking

  • Designed with more functions than KT-PD01

  • Perfect for marking on all kinds of small to medium parts

  • ISO9001:2008/CE approved

  • Customization is available

  • Low consumption and low running costs

  • Anti-jamming, radiation-resistance, high-adaptability

marking head
round wheel
rotary device
pneumatic engraving marking machine
KT-PD01-R is a marking machine similar to KT-PD01 but with an additional rotary fixture base. The rotary fixture gives it extra flexibility and adaptation to mark components of literally any shape and dimension. The possibilities for engraving on flat and circular surfaces are endless.

circle mark


Marking Content

• All characters
• Serial numbers
• Graphics
• VIN code
• Time and date
• Barcodes & Reading
• English letters
• Bar code/2D codes/dot and continuous line
• All kinds of logos
• Special symbols
• Database connection



The KT-PD01-R Laser Marking and Engraving machine is perfectly suited for use with a variety of industrial products with higher efficiency and convenience.

• Direct Part Marking (DPM) – This is a process of permanently marking parts with a barcode. This is done to allow the tracking of parts through the full life cycle.
• Fitting/tube/pipe circle marking
• Scale engraving marking
• Nameplates marking
• Metal parts marking (Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium etc.)
• Component identification
• Component traceability
• Lot numbering
• Nameplate marking
• Cast and Forge Marking
• Rod, engine marking
• Gear, pump marking
• Bowl marking
• Part or Equipment numbering
• Batch & Shift Coding
• Tools marking
• Various Metal Label Marking
Model KT-PD01-R
Standard marking area120mm x 80mm
Optional marking area150mm x130mm(KT-PD02-R)
200mm x 150mm(KT-PD03-R)
300mm x200mm(KT-PD04-R)
Rotary fixtureclamp the part within diameter 120mm,weight with in 5kg
Marking Speed1 ~5 pints/s
Impact Frequency300 times/s
Repeated Accuracy0.001mm
Marking Depth0.1mm~2mm(depends on material)
Power supplyAC 100V~240V 50HZ/60HZ
Air power request0.2Mpa ~ 0.6Mpa
Humidity0-90% (Non-condensing)
TemperatureFrom 0 to 40 Centigrade Degree.
Marking contentEnglish characters, number, all kinds of graphic, logo,dot matrix 2D codes, Barcode, Serial Number, circle Letter and etc.
Software compatibleWindows 98/XP/7
big pipe marking
stainless steel
pipe marking
flange mark
pipe marking
scale marking
tube mark
special mark
brass tube mark