Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine For Flange


  • Perfect for a variety of large circular parts such as flanges

  • Rotary fixture clamps products with a diameter of up to 250mm

  • High precision marking performance

  • ISO9001:2008/CE approved

  • Customization is available

  • Low consumption and low running cost

  • Anti-jamming, radiation-resistance, High-adaptability

flange marking machine
KT-PFL25 comes with a strong rotary fixture that has the ability to clamp products with a diameter of up to 250mm.

It has a Z-axis control and high stepper power, leading to increased flexibility and power to mark a wide-variety of large circular parts such as flanges, tubes, fittings, pipes etc.


flange marking process

Marking Content
  • All characters and letters
  • Serial numbers
  • Graphics/special symbols/logos
  • VIN code
  • Barcodes & 2D codes
  • Dot or continuous line
  • Round marking

The KT PFL-25 Pin marking machine provides high-precision and high-accuracy marking on a wide variety of industrial products.

  • Marking and engraving on circular objects like flanges/tubes/pipes
  • Scale engraving and marking
  • Metal plate marking
  • Metal part marking (Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium)
  • Serial numbers/lot numbering
  • Parts identification
  • Parts traceability
  • Cast and forge marking
  • Gear, pump marking
  • Bowl marking
  • Components or equipment numbering
  • Tools marking
  • Metal label/tags marking
Model KT-PFL25
Standard marking area120mm x 80mm
Optional marking area150mm x130mm
200mm x 150mm
300mm x200mm
Rotary fixtureinnter support is 25mm ~300mm
Ourside clamp is 5mm ~250mm
Marking Speed1 ~5 pints/s
Impact Frequency300 times/s
Repeated Accuracy0.001mm
Marking Depth0.1mm~2mm(depends on material)
Power supplyAC 100V~240V 50HZ/60HZ
Air power request0.2Mpa ~ 0.6Mpa
Humidity0-90% (Non-condensing)
TemperatureFrom 0 to 40 Centigrade Degree.
Marking contentEnglish characters, number, all kinds of graphic, logo,dot matrix 2D codes, Barcode, Serial Number, circle Letter and etc.
Software compatibleWindows 98/XP/7
steel circle
Big circle
round marking
circle mark
flange mark
scale marking