300W Electrolyte Etching Marking Machine

  • An output of 300W leads to clearer and faster marking

  • Creates black or white marks

  • Minimal consumption of marking liquid

  • Noiseless and heatless

  • Easy to use

  • Stencil module as per request

  • Rated power: 220V 50H

KT-DH02 300W Electrochemical Etching Marking machine is a high-power system that creates outstanding marks on any conductive metal part surface. The resultant marks are superior in clarity than the 200W marking machine. The 300W machine can also mark larger areas than the KT-DH01 200W, under similar conditions.

electrochemical marking
Marking Content

Using CorelDraw or similar design software, an etching stencil module will be designed based on the design provided by you.

  • Logo/graphic
  • Serials numbers
  • Time& date codes
  • Trademarks
Marking Process

marking process

  1. Use the red clip to clamp your metal work piece
  2. Power On using the machine power switch
  3. In most situations, the ‘black’ button has to be chosen
  4. Place the silk board on the area to be marked
  5. Use graphite electrode to brush the silk board – average 1-10s until perfect marking is achieved


TypeElectrochemical etching marking
Working current0~10A
Input voltage220V
Output voltage<=25 V
Max power300w
Power consumption7~10W
Quality warranty1 year free
Marking material conductive metal surface
PackagePlywood case
Outer pack dimension450x290x270mm
steel round mark
part mark
name mark
knife mark
iron mark
graphic mark