Military Defense Industry Marking Solutions

Customer Requirement

  • Direct part Unique ID marking

  • A Wear-Resistant and permanent mark

  • Easy Operation and High Efficiency

  • Superior Accuracy Levels, ensures easy readability of 2D/bar codes

miliary marking samples

KT Marking Solutions

  • KT-PD01-R dot peen marking machine with a rotary axis device provides high-precision, consistent quality direct part marks – on both flat and circular surfaces

  • Robust construction of marking equipment, leading to high speed, permanent and deep marking

  • Multiple (4) different marking pins to fulfill a host of marking requests

  • Customized automatic marking solutions create high-efficiency marking processes for your business

  • Fiber laser marking system offers higher accuracy levels (0.0001mm) for code marking such as barcode, 2D code, data matrix etc

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