KT Marking’s laser and dot peen marking systems are fast and durable,suitable various material to mark.

KT Marking’s Laser Marking Machines are technologically advanced and offer improved beam quality, increased depth of focus, and higher peak powers – for fine marking. They meet all marking requirements, and deliver accurate and clear permanent marks, akin to printing.

The Dot Peen Marking Machines make it easy to achiever quality, permanent part marking virtually anywhere. They offer superior engraving performance, and etch perfect letters or graphics on a variety of raw materials.

The proven Laser and Dot Peen Marking Technology are excellent for marking materials like metal, wood, glass, leather, paper, cardboard and others

Marking on metal

The advanced KT Marking system permanently marks metal in seconds. It is optimized to perform on a wide-range of metals. The software is configured to offer professional results at different performance levels.

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Marking on plastic

Laser Plastic Marking Machines are designed for easy maintenance and long-life. They are perfect for high accuracy marking with extra marking speed.

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Marking on ceramic

Laser Ceramic Marking is done on different ceramic varieties. Good ceramic marking not only offers valuable information about the ceramic products, it also increases the value for resale or insurance purposes.

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Marking on leather

Co2 Laser Leather Marking Machines are great performers and perfect for integration into product lines. They offer high-accuracy, extremely clear and attractive marking.

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Marking on wood

Wood can only be marked with CO2 laser marking. KT CO2 Laser Marking System excels in creating high quality marks, following the wood grain to perfection.

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 Marking on paper and cardboard

Our Laser Marking Technology is the most appropriate solution for all cardboard engraving needs, clearly etching marks that are deep and clear.

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Marking on glass

KT Marking’s Laser Marking System features the latest in marking technologies and creates a stunning engraving on a transparent organic material like glass.

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