Marking system for metal processing industry

KT Marking has been serving the marking needs of the steel, aluminum and other metal industries for years. We provide quicker and more efficient traceability systems for metal producers and processors at all stages of production to increase productivity and security.

Dot peen marking machine for metal working (metal processing) industry

pin processing







metal peen mark
  • KT-PD01 and KT-PH01 are pneumatic marking machines highly recommended by KT Marking

  • A dot peen marking system offers low-stress, economical, permanent marking for direct part marking and identification

  • Makes both dot or line marks continuously on a variety of metal materials

  • Dot Peen marking method marks straight, radial or arced surfaces

  • Marks on soft or hard materials – flat or uneven surfaces

  • Advanced Thor X6 software helps create letters and numbers of all types such as VIN numbers, barcodes, 2D codes, graphics, and letters of different shapes

  • Tungsten alloy marking pins offer excellent marking on metal surfaces with hardness up to HRC60

Laser marking machine in metal working (metal processing) industry

laser processing








metal laser mark
  • KT-LF20 laser marking machine is highly recommended by KT Marking as the best form of non-contact marking solution

  • A laser marking machine offers economical, high-precision, high-speed marking for all kinds of metal; especially steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, and titanium

  • It is clean, repeatable, readable, and fast

  • It is easy to control and operate

  • All letters, logos, serial numbers, all kinds of codes or other permanent marking can be made with ease

  • Low power consumption and low-maintenance

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