Industrial Marking Solutions

If you are looking for industrial laser marking technologies, we have a wide range of products for different industries. Our industrial marking equipment is designed to provide precise, clear, quick and easy marking solutions on variety of surfaces. Whether you want to order direct part marking systems for aerospace industry, fine laser marking for surgical instruments or deep, lasting marking safety-critical equipment, we have these and many other industry-specific marking solutions.

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Robust KT marking ensures traceability and part identification on aerospace components.

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Automotive industry


KT Marking’s permanent, direct part marking-based traceability system meets all automotive needs.

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Electronic Industry

KT laser makes permanent, damage-free marks on electric and electronic parts.

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Military Defense Industry

The unique 2D code/barcode marking system offers high-precision.

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Metal Working Processing

KT Fiber Laser marking system enables the smallest marks on jewelry and similar products.

KT Dot Peen marking system also enables marking on very big parts such as flanges.

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Car and Motorcycle

Portable Dot Peen machine with its electromagnetic basement creates a perfect chassis number mark.

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energy industry

Energy Industry

Good Pin Marker is highly versatile and works on products of different shapes such as oil drums.

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Medical Industry

The KT Laser marking system is perfect for creating “tiny but clear” marks on a variety of surgical product materials.

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