Business applications of Engraving Machines

Engraving machines have various business applications, especially when it comes to engraving wood, glass and metal. From placing name labels to specifications on various surfaces, engraving technologies have been helping various business owners to keep their products sorted out. With the advent of CNC technology, laser machines can mark practically any surface accurately. It does…


Benefits of Laser Marking for Medical Devices

Lasers have become a vital tool for carrying out various medical practices. Procedures that once required extended days of hospitalization and recovery can now be done in a matter of hours and often do not require overnight stays. However, another secondary connection exists between lasers and the field of medicine. Lasers have been used for…

bearing mark

Understanding different laser etching processes

Laser marking is one of the most used technologies for marking. Many companies using traditional methods for marking are now moving over to laser technology for accurate, precise, and quick marking solutions. However, laser technologies used for marking also differs a lot in the procedures. Here we will discuss some of the most common procedures…

laser plastic marking

How does laser marking work for plastics?

Plastics are some of the most important materials used across various industries for a number of different purposes. Some of the most common types of laser marked plastics that we come across everyday include identification cards/badges, credit cards, and staff passes. All these types of plastics need to be marked with water-proof and durable marks…


The Ins And Outs Of Direct Part Marking!

Direct part marking continues to grow in importance and popularity each day in different industries around the world. It is an essential tool that helps trace items and with other important aspects like part identification. Moreover, industry standards and government regulations dictate part marking requirements in every industry globally. What Is Direct Part Marking? A…