Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Machine

Dot peen marking machines are ideal for high speed and cost effective marking that is highly precise and accurate. They can be used to mark a wide-variety of flat parts such as nameplates and large circular parts such as flanges, tubes, fittings, pipes etc.

benchtop peen marker

KT-PD Series Dot Peen Marker

  • It can be dot or line marking

  • Superior marking performance on both flat and circular surfaces

  • Customized configurations available to suit your needs

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KT-PHD peen marker

KT-PHD series dot peen marker

  • Combines desktop machine with portable functions

  • Single machine with two different methods of use

  • Easy to use and suitable for marking all-sized products

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integrated peen marker

KT-PS series dot peen marker

  • One controller with Integrated software, keyboard, screen

  • Marks with higher efficiency and flexibility

  • Eliminates the need for a PC

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flange marking machine

KT-PFL series dot peen marker

  • Big rotary chuck with the ability to handle big tubes and heavy fittings such as flanges

  • Motor with greater power offers high-precision marking

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plate holder

Optional accessories

  • Plate holder

  • Pneumatic plate holder

  • Foot switch

  • Other customization as required

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