Who We Are & What We Do

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Who We Are

Wuxi Kuntai Automation Co., (KT Marking) is a leader in Marking Technology. Launched in 2003, we continue to expand our powerful network of quality marking machines. We consider it our mission to be a sought-after marking machine manufacturer for even the most discerning industrial customer.


What We Offer

We at KT Marking, go beyond your typical marking machine provider. We cover a variety of marking applications and industries, whether it is Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Military & Defense, Metal Processing, Energy, or Medical. Our marking machines add real value for our customers. This gives us a natural appeal to industries seeking superior quality marking.
Our wide range of marking solutions, including laser marking machines, dot peen marking machines, and customized marking solutions used for industrial metal & plastic parts marking, are fast and durable.
KT Marking solutions are relied on, every day, by thousands of industrial manufacturers throughout the world. ALL KT Marking systems – whether standard or customized – are supported by an entire network of experienced and knowledgeable Marketing, R&D, and Service Professionals.


Where We’re Going

We understand that the needs and requirements of the marking industry have changed over the years and continue to change. With greater expectations to meet, our aim is to significantly enhance user experience through a perfect amalgamation of user-friendly marking designs, advanced manufacturing techniques, and efficient servicing solutions.


What Makes KT Marking the Best?

  • More than 10 years experience in marking machines

  • CE and ISO 9001:2008 certification, international approval

  • Automatic marking systems designed to exacting quality standards

  • Owns 70% of the Dot Peen Marking machine market in China, with extensive sales in Europe, South America, Asia and other parts of the globe

  • Heavy focus on R&D leads to marking solutions offering better user experience and superior performance

  • All systems come in compact wooden packages making shipment easy


A Marking Machine? What Does It Do?

marking machine application








  • Makes a permanent or temporary “mark” or “etching” on a variety of products, for identification and traceability.

  • Materials such as metals, (steel, carbide, titanium alloys, aluminum etc.); Glass; Rubber; Wood; Leather; Plastic and every possible material can be marked using a marking machine.


Marking is used in a wide-range of industries:

  • Automotive

  • Energy

  • Electronic

  • Metal processing

  • Aerospace

  • Construction

  • Surgical

  • Logo and serial number

KT Marking’s marking machines are designed for use by several other industries that may not be listed here. Contact us for your industry-specific marking solutions.


 Our History: Past to Present 

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  • 2003: Creation of the first-generation KT dot peen marking machine, which made KT Marking a name to contend with, in the Chinese market

  • 2006: Creation of KT R&D department – specialized in researching and developing the Dot Peen Marker and Laser Marker, both of which offer a superior performance

  • 2008: Award received by the Chinese Government – “Honoring Medal of Contracts and Trustworthy Company

  • 2009: Creation of second generation Dot Peen and Laser Marker, and getting the patent certificate

  • 2012: Creation of marking machines with a unique and new design, which received approval and certifications from CE, RoHS etc.

  • 2013: Creation of Service Team, for improving after-sales support and service

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