Who We Are

Wuxi Kuntai Automation Co., Ltd (KT Marking) is a manufacturing firm that specializes in marking systems, laser equipment, and offers all kinds of marking solutions for different customers’ marking requirements. Our main products are laser marking machine, dot peen marking machine, and marking systems solution customization often used for industrial metal & plastic parts marking. We provide the best user experience by integrating design and manufacturing into one comprehensive and seamless system.

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Why Us

  • ISO International Quality Management System Certificate

  • CE/RoHS complies with all consumer safety, health and environmental requirements

  • 24/7 customer support through email

  • Free sample marking service – allows performance check prior to ordering

  • Free enquiry and discussion for customized project solutions

  • 8 Design Patents for unique and eye-catching designs

  • Complete support from OEM support services and a full-fledged, professional R&D team

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Featured Products

Displays the core products of KT Marking that are worthy of extra attention, with description of each product’s multi-angle functions and it’s marking sample details.

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Service Center

Details of training service, technical support, spare parts related terms, and after-sales service.

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Marking Solutions

Marking solutions for a variety of materials and their application in various industries.

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Customize Design

Design customization by the expert R&D team for different marking requirements.

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Dot peen marking

Dot Peen Marking System

Pin Marking Machine that addresses all types of engraving marking needs on a wide-range of product parts.

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Laser marking

Laser Marking System

High speed, high precision laser Permanent Marking for traceability and component identification.

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Electrolyte marking machine

Electrolyte Marking System

Electrolyte marking or etching for Permanent Marking on various conductive metal surfaces, using stencil modules.

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